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My mission is to provide you with a basic education and understanding of how Medicare works so that you can make an informed decision about your healthcare coverage as you transition from employer coverage to retirement. You probably wouldn’t be here now if you thought Medicare was easy to figure out.


I came to the same conclusion you did a number of years ago when I first started trying to understand how Medicare works. As with all government programs Medicare Is Complicated. There are strict rules and penalties. So you’ve taken the first important step. You’ve started the process of trying to make sense of Medicare.


The next step is to attend my Free Medicare Educational Workshop. I make 2 Guarantees to all attendees: First, you will learn something valuable about Medicare planning to use in your personal situation. Second, there is no sales pitch or products sold at this workshop. These workshops are strictly educational and informative with question and answer time to address your individual questions.

Steven Bergeron


I have been a practicing financial advisor for the past 25 years. I have worked with hundreds of clients solving financial challenges. A common theme throughout my career has been questions surrounding Medicare as clients turn 65 and move from their employer sponsored plan to Medicare. Initially, I was reluctant to provide guidance in this area because frankly, I found it somewhat overwhelming!


The more research I did on Medicare the more I realized why people were confused. Let’s face it, Medicare Is Complicated, that is the reality. I felt frustrated that I did not have a good resource to refer clients to about their Medicare needs. The best I could do was send people who had questions to Medicare.gov, which is a very informative but also daunting website to navigate in order to get your Medicare information in a meaningful and understandable way. Because of my background as a financial advisor, I know that in order to give others accurate and helpful guidance and advice you have to be knowledgeable in the subject area. So, a number of years ago I made the decision to become “The Resource” on Medicare.


I became certified and licensed to represent Medicare insurance products. I will say that this has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I look forward to Medicare conversations with people making this transition from employer provided health care coverage. Getting Medicare Right is critically important to new retirees as they start this exciting phase of their life. I understand people want to make the right decisions and are looking for guidance and information they can trust. It is rewarding to me when I can educate people and provide them with the information they need to make these important Medicare decisions.


I am a native of Keene, New Hampshire, and live here with my wife Nataliya and our daughter Christina. In my spare time I enjoy traveling and the outdoors. I am actively involved in senior issues as a member of the board of directors of the Keene Senior Center.

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    To whom it may concern,

    I was fortunate enough to stumble across an ad that caught my eye about turning 65 and what I need to know about Medicare. I signed up immediately, it was a convenient time and I was up for learning. Steve Bergeron and his wife Nataliya, were passionate about educating seniors about what is happening with Medicare and what we needed to know. The seminar was brief, on point, very informative and explained in a way that I understood easily. I will be using Steve's company in my search for Medigap Insurance Plan.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Sharon A. Dion
    I took Steven’s workshops on Social Security and Medicare in 2019. They were both excellent and informative. So when I was ready to apply for my Medicare supplemental insurance in 2020 I called Steve for an appointment. Although I could not keep the appointment because of Covid -19, Steve was still able to handle it all over the phone. I have recommended his services to my friends and have gotten great comments back regarding his help. I would highly recommend Steven Bergeron to anyone needing these services.
    Nora McCasland