Free Workshop Agenda

25 Years of Dependable Quality and Service

At this workshop you will learn…

  1. How Medicare works with employer insurance

  2. Who needs to enroll in Medicare and when?

  3. How to enroll in Medicare

  4. How private insurance works with Medicare to provide complete coverage

  5. How much you can expect to pay in total healthcare costs after going onto Medicare

Social Security

What Baby Boomers Need to Know to Maximize Retirement Income

Attend this workshop and you will learn…


5 factors to consider when deciding to apply for benefits

  • When it makes sense to delay benefits – and when it does not

  • Why you should always check your earnings record for accuracy

  • How to estimate your benefits

  • Innovative strategies for coordinating benefits with your spouse

  • How to minimize taxes on Social Security benefits

  • How to coordinate Social Security with your other forms of retirement income

My guarantee to all workshop attendees

First, you will learn something valuable about Medicare planning to use in your personal situation. Second, there is no sales pitch or products sold at this workshop. These workshops are strictly educational and informative with question and answer time to address your individual questions.

Free Medicare & Social Security Workshops

Medicare & Social Security Claiming Strategies


  • Determine effective date: 1st of month turn 65 or when coming off 20+ employer plan
  • Enroll in Medicare Parts A and B if necessary
  • Decide between Medigap + drug plan vs. Medicare Advantage plan


  • Employer or retiree insurance that includes creditable drug coverage, or
  • Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap policy) plus a standalone prescription drug plan, or
  • Medicare Advantage plan that provides care in an all-inclusive format (like an HMO)


  • Part B penalty: 10% for every 12-month period you should have been enrolled
  • Example: $135.50 + $13.55 = $149.05
  • Penalty is for life